Chained Leather Double Crystal Strand Design Brow Band

Chained Leather

$ 169.00

This listing is for a Chained Leather Double Crystal Strand Design Brow Band.  You choose Length of Band, Color of Band, Shape of Band and Color of Chained Leather Design (fashion leather, chain, and crystal strand). 



Our Chained Leather Brow Bands are truly unique.  Our Chained Leather Designs allow you to make a major statement with our brow bands that are limited only by our design materials and your imagination. We combine quality high grade fashion leather and chain together to create the basis for all our Chained Leather Designs.  This specific design will have a single crystal strand woven through the Chained Leather Design that will be mounted to the Brow Band.

We can also add crystals, beads and pendants and more to create a truly unique, eye-catching show brow band for the ring or for fun. Please check out all our other designs. 

We attach our designs by directly stitching the design to our high quality 1 inch padded with 1 inch loop to brow band blank as well as cementing the two pieces together for extra strength. 

Brow Bands Sizes: Cobb 15", Full 16", Oversize "17   * (Additional sizes can be procured but they require special sourcing and may require more time to make and additional cost. Message or call prior to (828-284-5801) purchase information.)

Brow Band Blank Colors: Black, Tan, Havana *White  (White is available in limited sizes upon special request, may require more time to make and additional cost. Message or call prior to (828-284-5801) purchase information.)

Brow Band Shapes: U, V and Straight

Choose your Chained Leather Fashion Leather Color and Chain Finish that will adorn your brow band and message us with the combination you wanted added to your design!

If you need to talk it out our would like a sample sent to you call 828-284-5801

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Pieces are made as they are order. Please allow at least three weeks for delivery. 

All pieces are handcrafted by us in the mountains of Western North Carolina. 

Chained leather uses the highest grade fashion leather cord and the best fashion chain available. The chain is a brass-based chain, electroplated in sterling silver, 18k gold, copper, etc., and then enamel coated for a long lasting, high-end look that requires little care and will not turn-green. No nickel or lead with the exception of gunmetal which is created by coating with nickel and then burning the chain.  

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