Custom Chained Leather Necklaces

Custom Chained Leather Necklaces

If you've seen us in person, you know we love to do custom work.  We can change a design by changing;  leather color, chain finish, add or take away crystals, changing lengths, etc., or do something completely knew and different.  We love to collaborate with you to design beautiful custom jewelry using our basic Chained Leather concept.  

If you have your own pendant or large hole beads that you think would look great in one of our Chained Leather Designs we're happy to use them. The obvious added benefit is this is a way to incorporate pieces you may love and not know what to do with and save you some money.

Some designs you may see in person, on our facebook site, or within the pages of our website we will be unable to reproduce.  some pendants and beads we just can't replace.

If you would like a custom designed; Statement Piece Necklace, Wedding Necklace, Wedding Party Designs, Long Necklace/Belts, Boot Jewelry, Bracelets, Earrings, and more contact us at:    or    828-284-5801. 

Here are a few pictures of some of our Custom One-of-a-kind Pieces.