Chained Leather Collar Necklace 2-strands of Chain woven together with leather

Chained Leather

$ 79.00

This necklace is great for everyday, yet still works as a standout piece for the evening. Basic black leather or pearl leather allow you to wear this necklace with anything.  The leather is woven through 2-strands of chain. You can choose to make your look perfect for you by not only choosing your leather color but also your electroplated chain finishes:

  1.    Black Leather and 2- Shiny Silver Chain
  2.    Black Leather and 2- Shiny Gold Chain
  3.    Black Leather and 2- Antique Silver Chain
  4.    Black Leather and 2- Matte Gold Chain
  5.    Black Leather and 2- Shiny Gunmetal Chain
  6.    Black Leather and 2- Matte Gunmetal Chain
  7.    Black Leather and 1- Shiny Gold and 1-Matte Gold Chain
  8.    Black Leather and 1- Shiny Silver and 1 Shiny Gunmetal Chain
  9.    Pearl Leather and 2- Shiny Silver Chain
  10.    Pearl Leather and 2- Shiny Gold Chain
  11.    Pearl Leather and 2- Matte Gold Chain
  12.    Pearl Leather and 2- Shiny Gunmetal Chain
  13.    Pearl Leather and 1- Shiny Gold and 1-Matte Gold Chain
  14.    Pearl Leather and 1- Shiny Silver and 1 Shiny Gunmetal Chain

The above are our basic possibilities.  If you've seen us in person then you know we care over 50 different colors of leather and even more chain finishes than are mentioned above. If you wish a piece even more custom please don't hesitate to contact us. (828-284-5801).  

Basic necklace length for our collar necklace is 16.5 inches long with an additional 2 inch extension for a total length of 18.5 inches when the full extension is in use.  Additional or less length is available upon request. 

All pieces are handcrafted by myself and my husband in the mountains of Western North Carolina. 

Chained leather uses the highest grade fashion leather cord and the best fashion chain available. The chain is a brass-based chain, electroplated in sterling silver, 18k gold, copper, etc., and then enamel coated for a long lasting, high-end look that requires little care and will not turn-green. No nickel or lead with the exception of gunmetal which is created by coating with nickel and then burning the chain. 

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